‘Purple Hearts’ Review: Netflix Gives Sofia Carson Her Own ‘A Star Is Born’

Sofia Carson, a former Disney Channel star and current pop singer, displays her talent in a Netflix romance about a hastily arranged military union.

This ridiculously cheap Netflix Original is so determined to please the algorithm that it would lack any coherent sense of self 

if it weren't primarily created as a star vehicle for Disney Channel grad Sofia Carson

Purple Hearts" may unfold like a ridiculous cross between "The OC" and "A Star Is Born."

The commercial for the pharmaceutical medication Purple Hearts

Specifically, a commercial stressing the necessity for reasonably priced prescription medications.

In a SoCal bar, Cassie Salazar (Carson), a second-generation immigrant, leads her band in pop-punk renditions of "Sweet Caroline" and Portgual, the Man's "Feel"

pro-American sentiments, but this country isn’t doing him too many favors, either