R. Kelly Engaged to Joycelyn Savage

Jocelyn Savage disclosed that she is engaged to R. Kelly and "truly in love" with him in a letter to the judge requesting a compassionate punishment in the R. Kelly sex trafficking case.

Jocelyn Savage, an aspiring singer, revealed that she and the R&B artist are engaged in a letter to a judge dated June 13 and was just acquired by E! News

She also begged the court to impose a more lenient prison sentence in his case.Your Page!

Prior to Kelly's sentencing, the letter was submitted by his legal counsel.

Before Robert gets sentenced, I am drafting this letter in his defence.

She wrote in the letter, "We have a really special connection and are madly in love

The government's description of Robert as a monster is untrue. The Robert I am familiar with is incredibly kind, kind, and compassionate."

In addition, the 26-year-old stated, "It crushes my heart that the government has fabricated a story suggesting that I am a victim."

In addition, he was sentenced to a $100,000 fine and five years of supervised release.