Ric Flair Expresses Confusion Over MJF Turning Face

Ric Flair, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, has experience playing the bad guy, 

which may explain why he finds it puzzling that AEW has seemingly transformed MJF into a good man.

Since he kicked Cody Rhodes square in the south of the belt early in his AEW career, MJF has been despised by the fans

Many considered him to be one of the best heels of the contemporary era due to his haughtiness, superiority complex, propensity to cheat, and unwavering dedication to his on-air persona. 

Things started to shift when he referred to AEW President Tony Khan as "a f*cking mark" live on television.

Following that remark, MJF took the summer off from AEW, and when he announced his return at All Out, the reception to The Salt of the Earth suddenly changed for the better.

Since then, MJF has somewhat catered to those cheers whilst maintaining his persona, much like Steve Austin did in 1997 in the WWE.