RuPaul Net Worth

RuPaul is a 60 million dollar-rich American actor, drag queen, model, author, and music artist. 

He is regarded as being the most financially successful drag queen in the country

On November 17, 1960, RuPaul Andre Charles, also known as just RuPaul, was born in San Diego, California.

RuPaul created "Supermodel of the World," a dance/house album that was distributed by the rap label Tommy Boy, in 1993.

RuPaul made a comeback to television in February 2009 with "RuPaul's Drag Race," a reality competition programme.

RuPaul invested $13.7 million in a 10,300 square foot, lavish Beverly Hills property in October 2019. They paid $2.5 million for their previous property in 2011.

For more than 25 years he has owned an apartment in New York City that he purchased for $350,000. In 2007 he spent $600,000 on a condo in West Hollywood, California.