Salma Hayek's magnificent home boasts the most touching feature

Salma Hayek, a Mexican-born actress, dominated Hollywood and even moved into Justin Bieber's previous 17-bedroom London mansion as her new residence. 

The celebrity's handcrafted altar, though, demonstrates that she still treasures her Mexican ancestry

The 56-year-old Marvel actress created the most exquisitely colourful Mexican Day of the Dead shrine in her house, 

and she shared the handmade memorial to her deceased loved ones with her admirers on Instagram.

Salma's flower arrangement of orange and purple garlands was complemented by vibrant paper fans, a ukulele, 

and dozens of framed photos and collages showing her family and friends who had passed away but were always remembered.

undreds of fans from around the world flocked to comment and like Salma's Instagram post which she captioned in Spanish

Salma's supporters in Mexico praised her for "remembering [her] Mexican roots and sharing photographs of [her] altar of the dead."

Fans adored Salma's Instagram posts of the stunning home, which Justin Bieber is rumoured to have once called home.