San Francisco's historic Castro Theatre offers $1 movies for 100th anniversary

One of San Francisco's most famous organisations first opened its doors on June 22, 1922. 

The Castro Theatre will screen five of the most recognisable films in the history of the city for just a dollar per ticket 

(plus, of course, a $.50 tax) as a gift to devoted fans on the official 100th anniversary of the theatre.

A variety of well-known blockbusters and older films that contemporary viewers might not be as acquainted with are acknowledged in the programming

Naturally, the witty Clint Eastwood action film "Dirty Harry" and Robin Williams' comedy masterpiece 

"Mrs. Doubtfire" are featured (1:00 p.m.) (3:30 p.m.). At 8:15 p.m., Steve McQueen's "Bullitt

which has the greatest car chase in movie history, will also be shown.