Saudi Crown Prince to Visit Egypt, Jordan Before Turkey

On Sunday, a Saudi negotiator said that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed receptacle Salman is set to start off a territorial visit on Monday in Egypt

that is set to take him to Turkey to increase regional ties.

During the visit, it is normal that Bin Salman will talk about "local and global documents and the fate of worldwide collaboration

He added that speculation and energy bargains are expected to be marked, and that, after Cairo, the crown sovereign will go to Jordan and Turkey.

Container Salman is likewise because of visit Greece, Cyprus and Algeria, "presumably in late July," the negotiator said.

However, the Saudi government has yet to confirm the upcoming trips

The visit, following one by the Turkish president Tayyip Recep Erdogan to Saudi Arabia in April, is supposed to mend ties between the two nations.

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CAIRO, June 20 (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's true ruler Crown Prince Mohammed container Salman showed up in Egypt on Monday

the Egyptian administration said, beginning his most memorable visit outside the Gulf district in more than three years

The ruler's outing comes in front of the following month's visit to the district by U.S. President Joe Biden

who is expected to meet Arab leaders in Saudi Arabia after a visit to Israel

with the Ukraine conflict and regional security on the agenda

Sovereign Mohammed, known as MbS, will hold chats with the heads of Egypt

Jordan and Turkey on reinforcing two-sided participation and matters of joint interest

Saudi Arabia has given billions of dollars in monetary help to Egypt since Sisi came to drive


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