Sesame Place Controversy: 1 Week After Viral Video

Sesame Place Controversy: 1 Week After Viral Video, Civil Rights Activists Protest At Theme Park To Demand Change

On Saturday afternoon, two protestors were detained in front of Sesame Place in Langhorne. 

The two protesters received repeated warnings for obstructing the sidewalk and street

according to the police, before being detained for disorderly behaviour.

encouraging families to boycott the kids' theme park, which included multiple neighbourhood Black Panther gatherings.

Therefore, Nia 2X, an activist, remarked, "When you insult a child, when you traumatise a youngster, those children will always remember."

The employment and training policies for the park should be altered, according to the organisers.

If you're embracing youngsters, your employees shouldn't treat any one child differently from the others.

The primary concern is ensuring that the youngsters continue to enjoy themselves here, Sesame Place said in a statement released on Saturday.