Six Flags Magic Mountain Is California's Coaster-Crazy Headquarters

The park's original theme involved charming gnomes who resided in a Magic Mountain. 

After Six Flags entered the market in 1979, Magic Mountain was first constructed by The SeaWorld team, who had just finished creating their stunning marine park in San Diego

shortly after it opened, a few Shamu-sized issues forced them to sell the theme park

However, Six Flags' decision to expel the gnomes also took much of the park's whimsy with it

The well-known Colossus, which was depicted in the first Vacation movie starring Chevy Chase, was altered by Magic Mountain.

The park's X2, the world's first "fourth-dimension" coaster, has cars that sit alongside the track and independently spin 360 degrees forwards and backwards. 

There are a tonne of additional rides at Magic Mountain. A cutting-edge, interactive, moving motion base experience, Justice League

The arrangement of Magic Mountain is perplexing. Trying to move from one area of the park to another might be confusing as many of the routes lead to dead ends.