This manga is heavier than a typical manga and is in colour, as I realised when I first received it. Solo Leveling has very well-done colour and art

In the narrative of solo levelling, characters battle monsters in dungeons to get money. 

. Jinwoo, our primary character, leads a difficult life. His sister's school costs as well as his mother's medical bills must be covered. 

Even though Jinwoo dislikes dungeon raiding, he nevertheless does it to support his family. 

The locations of these dungeons seem arbitrary, and so do the creatures that occupy them. For instance, Jinwoo discovers another dungeon while raiding one as he enters the first one.

Solo Leveling Graphic Novel Volume 1 features story by Chugong and art by DUBU

Chugong wrote Solo Leveling Novel Volume 1. Jinwoo Sung, an E-rank hunter, lacks resources, talent, prospects, and, it would seem, good fortune as well

He is abandoned by his team and forced to perish at the hands of some of the most horrifying monsters he has ever encountered as he enters a secret double dungeon one fateful day