Supermodel Kate Upton: Meet Justin Verlander's wife, who is worth a reported $280 million

Did you know Justin Verlander is married to one of the most successful models in the world?

Against the Philadelphia Phillies, Justin Verlander is poised to win the World Series.

He has had a long career, and at age 39, he could win another championship after winning one in 2017 against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Although he is undoubtedly a baseball prodigy, meeting his wife, supermodel Kate Upton, was his greatest accomplishment.

There are a few instances when a professional athlete is less well-known and accomplished than his wife.

For the past ten years, Kate Upton has been among the most successful supermodels.

Even more than her spouse, Kate Upton has managed to assemble an incredible net worth. 

Compared to Kate Upton's astounding $280 million, Verlander is worth an estimated $150 million.

Kate comes from a sporty family as the daughter of a high school athletic director and a Texas state tennis winner.


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