The Heartwarming Beth And Rip Breakfast Moment Yellowstone's Kelly Reilly Chooses As Her Favorite

Recently, "Yellowstone" returned for its fifth season, breaking the previous record established for the season premiere with a record 12 million viewers (via The Hollywood Reporter). 

The first two episodes of the action-packed neo-Western television series featured the inauguration of Montana Governor John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and were a treat for fans of the genre.

But it's safe to say that a lot of viewers were interested to see what happened to Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) and Rip Walker (Cole Hauser), who finally got married in the Season 4 finale.

But her affection for Rip, the ranch supervisor of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch and a previous juvenile runaway, brings out her frail side. Rip, whose hard exterior is well-known,

But it was quite the journey to the altar for Beth and Rip, as any viewer can tell you. 

Beth, still plagued by childhood traumas, had to learn how to let Rip in

and their gentle courtship in the past four seasons is a nice contrast in an otherwise violent and hard-hitting TV program.


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