There's Just One Way To End Yellowstone On a High Note, And It Involves Multiple Deaths

What's the secret to a successful TV finale? Just kill off all your characters!

There is one way for Yellowstone to bring back its old fire... to kill everybody.

Fans of Yellowstone are already planning the series finale, the only episode they seem to care about right now

despite their continued fury and frustration over the course that season 5 of their favourite programme took.

Yellowstone is expected to end after one more season, if Paramount doesn't decide to cancel it earlier in response to negative fan feedback. 

Additionally, the expectations for the series finale are pretty ferocious.

In general, the fandom seems to support such a scenario, despite the fact that they acknowledge that many people would be "pissed" if so many of the main cast members were to perish. 

Some claim that Beth might endure despite all obstacles.