Todd and Julie Chrisley Fraud Case: Legal Expert Weighs In on Sentencing, Child Custody and More

What the future holds. Todd and julie chrisley had been convicted of tax evasion and fraud in advance this month,

It’s pretty severe,” beverly hills-based totally prison analyst jeffrey w. Steinberger

Who isn't affiliated with the case, completely tells us weekly

It’s huge in  ways: one, it’s an widespread [monetary] quantity, and significantly considerable numbers draw significant jail time

Financial institution fraud and tax fraud cases if you want to deter non-celebrity humans from committing the identical crimes

The chrisley knows best star, fifty three, and his wife, 49, had been convicted on 12 counts of tax evasion,

Financial institution and cord fraud and conspiracy after a tribulation that concluded on june 7. After the duo’s indictment in 2019