Travis Scott Stops Show To Call Out Fans Dangerously Acting Up 8 Months After Deaths At Astroworld

The "Sicko Mode" rapper paused his New York performance to encourage the audience to unwind as they ascended the gantry onto the stage.

On Monday, July 4, Travis Scott was cautious while performing at a concert in New York City

Just eight months after receiving criticism for his Astroworld Music Festival, where ten fans lost their lives, 

the rapper took the time during his performance at Coney Island to instruct boisterous supporters that they needed to settle down and climb down of metal pillars at the stadium.

In the TMZ-shared footage, Travis could be seen pausing the concert to speak with the audience. 

The 31-year-old rapper instructed his supporters to leave the metal scaffolding because it was unsafe while some of them scaled it

He said, "We need y'all to get down." Please simply make sure you're okay, my brother. He could be heard urging someone to "get down" at another time.

Travis was heard encouraging the audience to "relax" and to "back up" from the barricade in another clip

In addition to requesting that audience members move back from the stage, he also requested security to use caution. "Everyone in this room, step back two paces,