Watch Katy Perry & Wynonna Judd Meet & Gush Over Each Other at 2022 CMA Awards: ‘I Just Love You’

"I can't believe we've never met!" Judd tells Perry on the red carpet during a joint Billboard interview.

The 2022 CMA Awards brought all the biggest country stars to Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on Wednesday night (Nov. 9)

During a Billboard interview that evening, pop queen Wynonna Judd and pop star Katy Perry mingled on the red carpet.

"It confirms that you are an icon because of your wonderful energy and personality," Perry continues. I simply adore you.

Judd responded, "I love you too. " This nice exchange was furthered by Judd. 

Everyone will be amazed because I've been watching you from a distance, and now that I'm here, we're going to take a picture.

Later in the interview, Judd discusses how it feels to be referred to as a "legend" in the music industry. 

A myth? She queries, "Is it time to become a legend? Reba [McEntire] is probably next, in my opinion. I'm heading that way, just saying.