Watch Yellowstone Season 5: Why Paramount's Top Show Isn't on Paramount Plus

One of the greatest hits on cable television in general, Yellowstone is by far the biggest hit on the Paramount Network

The fourth season finale from earlier this year received more than 10 million viewers, surpassing the House of the Dragon finale from last month.

The fifth season of the Dutton family saga debuted on Sunday in what the network referred to as a "two-hour spectacle."

Anyone looking to view the show's debut and previous seasons to catch up should probably go to Paramount Plus. 

Contrary to expectations, however, Paramount Plus does not have the one show that is most closely linked to the company's reputation.

For the first three seasons of Yellowstone, you'll need to pay for the competing service Peacock.

It's big business to have a popular show on a traditional cable channel like Paramount Network, and it's even bigger business to make money by licencing those series to other services.

Like rivals Disney Plus, HBO Max, Apple TV Plus, Peacock, and Discovery Plus are attempting to do,

Every new streaming service that comes out of Hollywood decides for itself how much content to keep to themselves. 

The strange omission of Yellowstone from Paramount Plus is due to a licence agreement the business made with NBCUniversal's Peacock in 2020, more than a year before Paramount Plus debuted.

The only paid streaming provider that has Yellowstone episodes is Peacock, which is the second distinction to be aware of.

The Paramount Network app also offers Yellowstone's fourth season, however it is missing seasons one through three.


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