What Is Kelly Ripa’s Net Worth

Kelly Ripa is well-known and adored for her upbeat demeanour, parenting advice, and oddball sense of humour.

Despite having a long and remarkable background, the New Jersey native is probably best recognised for her work as a television personality

Additionally, the 51-year-old has been making money as an actor, business owner, and dancer for years.

The daytime TV anchor is worth a cool $120 million, claims Celebrity Net Worth. 

After earning a staggering $17 million in 2016, Forbes ranked her as the ninth highest-paid TV host in the world. (NBD.)

So, you might say she's been holding our interest from the start. She has now made $120 million, and she shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

They paid $9 million in 2005 for Kidman's 6,700 square foot property. They eventually sold the first condo for around $6.8 million, a $3 million profit

They sold the Kidman property in 2014 for $24.5 million.