When Does 'Yellowstone' Season 5 Return? Here's What to Know About New Episodes

It's the question on everyone's mind: When does Yellowstone season 5 return

The last time we saw the ranchers, John Dutton's dynasty seemed on the verge of crumbling beneath his feet

Part One was packed with twisty Dutton-style drama that lassoed us in from the jump and ended with way too many cliffhangers

Finally, Beth (Kelly Reilly) made her father John see how unsuccessful the ranch had become. 

Would Kayce be able to manage taking over ranch operations after John gave him the assignment? According to Jamie's "friend" Sarah Atwood at Market Equities

Jaime and John's power struggle reached a boiling point. Yes, and to preserve the herd, half of the main bunkhouse boys embarked on a protracted trek!

In the days that followed episode 8, rumours abounded that Yellowstone was coming to an end. Has Kevin Costner put his cowboy hat away? Does Matthew McConaughey seem interested? 

Notwithstanding how enticing those queries are, representatives for the show have essentially advised to put them on wait for the time being.

Episode 8 aired on January 1 as a mid-season finale, so you can prepare for Yellowstone season 5, part 2 to also air on the Paramount Network

Limited information has been released about what part 2 will bring for the Duttons. Based on episode 8, we know that Rip (Cole Hauser), Ryan, Teeter, Walker, and Jake are Texas-bound with the herd.

A new season 5 trailer released on the official Yellowstone Youtube channel clarified that viewers have to wait for summer 2023 to watch the rest of season 5

Fans can follow #YellowstoneTV to await further info, and we will also update this story when the exact release date and time are announced.


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