When will Yellowstone season 5 episode 8 air?

Season 5 of Yellowstone is currently being aired on the Paramount Network. 

So far, seven episodes from this season have been streamed

On Sunday, December 18, the penultimate episode, The Dream Is Not Me, directed by Stephen Kay and written by Taylor Sheridan, was released.

The episode reportedly attracted 7.72 million US viewers, making it the most-watched program on television that day

. In light of this, it is safe to conclude that everyone is anticipating the eighth episode of the TV show, A Knife and No Coin.

Furthermore, the anticipation has increased twofold because it is the midseason finale. A Knife and No Coin, written by Sheridan, will not be released on Sundays as usual

In other words, the eighth episode of Yellowstone season 5 won't air on December 25. So, when will it be released?

Episode 8 will reportedly be released on January 1st, 2023, New Year's Day. Prepare to ring in the new year with the Duttons by doing so now!