Whitney Houston emotionally honored by Kevin Costner and Jennifer Hudson at Clive Davis gala at Beverly Hilton

In the same hotel where the singer died in 2012, the American Idol alum performed “Greatest Love of All” and the Yellowstone celebrated his costar.

Just a week before Whitney Houston's tragic death at the Beverly Hilton, Jennifer Hudson paid tribute to the legendary singer with a performance of "Greatest Love of All

and Kevin Costner, who costarred with Hudson in The Bodyguard, paid tribute to the star with a moving speech in the hotel's historic ballroom.

While hosting the 2023 pre-Grammy dinner with the Recording Academy on Saturday night, Costner remarked of himself and Clive Davis

"We were both impressed by Whitney the first time we first saw her." Although the record label executive was dubious about his talent appearing in The Bodyguard

Houston's cover of Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" served as the lead single for The Bodyguard. 

"Whitney would be our common ground, and from that moment we all worked as one collective...so powerful that for one moment in time the entire world seemed focused on this one country song.

Whitney had become the most well-known singer of her generation, but because she had no acting experience,