Whoopi Goldberg celebrates her birthday by sharing her favorite things of 2022

Celebrating Whoopi Goldberg's birthday at "The View" gives everyone a chance to get in on the fun!

On Sunday, the EGOT will turn 67, and she reveals some special presents she would want to offer to everyone. 

Fortunately for the studio audience, they were able to take whatever Goldberg loved with them

Drag performers Tina Burner, Scarlet Envy, Marti Gould Cummings, Hibiscus, Egypt, and Pattaya Hart gave the birthday girl's favourite things as gifts to help mark the occasion.

Goldberg enjoys organising get-togethers for her friends and relatives. 

Because of this, she produced Whoopi Prosecco, a white sparkling wine made from organic grapes with vivacious citrus notes that was hand-harvested in Italy's prestigious Veneto Region

Goldberg can't live without Itinera's scents because they bring back her favourite Italian aromas.