Why Slumberland Is The Family Adventure Movie You'll Want To Watch This Holiday Season

Jason Momoa is in his weird character era. We love it.

Over the next weeks, a lot of holiday movies and specials will debut as the holiday season gets underway. 

The year's most eagerly awaited films are about to hit theatres. Everyone may find something to like in the upcoming films, which include many family-friendly options.

. It could be challenging to choose what worth your attention with so many excellent movies on the horizon.

The Netflix film Slumberland is one to add to your Christmas watch list.

Jason Momoa and Marlow Barkley play Nemo and Flip respectively in Slumberland. 

A young girl is followed as she moves in with her uncle Philip (Chris O'Dowd) and encounters a dream world in this action-adventure Netflix film.

This vibrant world holds the key to Nemo’s biggest dream: seeing her father again. The film is streaming on Netflix as of November 18.