Wimbledon 2022 prize money: How much the winners get and why men and women are paid the same

Wimbledon’s prize purse this year is an all-time record for the grand slam

It should come as no surprise that Wimbledon has one of the largest prize pools in tennis given that it is one of the biggest tournaments on the tennis calendar.

In a year where the overall prize money has increased to a record £40.35m, 15% higher than 2021, 

the winners of the men's and women's singles will each take home a sumptuous £2m.

Because Russian and Belarusian athletes are prohibited from competing, it was believed that the championships' 

' huge potential payoff would encourage well-known athletes to continue competing.

The winners of the semi-finals receive £535k, whereas losers at that time lose almost the same amount because the winners of the finals receive £1.05m.