With New Ruling, Sandy Hook Families Win Over $1.4 Billion From Alex Jones

A judge added $473 million in fees to the award Mr. Jones must pay in a Connecticut case and ordered him not to move his personal assets outside the United States.

A Connecticut judge ordered on Thursday that Alex Jones, the host of the Infowars conspiracy show

must pay the families of the eight Sandy Hook massacre victims an extra $473 million in punitive damages for defaming them, bringing the total damages to close to $1.5 billion.

The families and an F.B.I. agent implicated in Mr. Jones' bogus claims received $965 million in compensatory damages from a jury in Waterbury

Connecticut, last month. Additionally, the jury gave the families punitive damages in the form of attorney fees, which the judge will determine

These damages are represented by the $473 million judgement made on Thursday by Connecticut Superior Court Judge Barbara N. Bellis.

Mr. Jones will provide $50 million to the parents of another Sandy Hook victim.