‘Yellowstone’ Creator Reportedly ‘Furious’ With Kevin Costner

Drama behind the scenes of “Yellowstone” has been brewing for quite some time, according to a deep-dive analysis by one writer.

The fifth season of the popular modern western drama is presently airing, however there are serious doubts about it and the show's future after that

According to rumours, the show's star Kevin Costner is the main issue because of complaints about his ego, movie commitments, and assistance.

A deep-dive investigation of the "Yellowstone" drama by Puck News writer Matthew Belloni in a February piece revealed that many members of the cast, crew

According to reports, Costner makes $1.2 million for each of the 14 episodes in season five and will get $1.5 million for each episode of season six.

A comprehensive growth agreement with MTV Entertainment through 2025 will also be granted to him. Costner feels that this is not acceptable and now demands payment for every day of the marketing.

 "Yellowstone" television series, is reportedly "furious" about the controversy since he is unable to complete the fifth season's second half until Costner's controversy is resolved.


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