'Yellowstone' Fans Are Going Off After Cole Hauser Posts Rare Personal Photo With Wife

Cole Hauser isn't going to let the fact that Yellowstone season 5 won't return until the summer stop fans from getting a peek into his life outside of the show.

The actor, Cole, gave his Instagram fans a peek at a recent trip to Disney World that he made with his family in a brand-new post

The Paramount Network star stood with his wife Cynthia Daniel, their teenage boys Ryland and Colt, and a mostly-shaven face in the midst of Animal Kingdom's Pandora pavilion

He also included a video of the family riding a roller coaster in a park in the same post.

"I had a blast yesterday!" The caption was written by Cole on January 30. The Disney workers, including Julia and John, deserve praise for an excellent experience.

People responded in the comments section right instantly after seeing the rare glimpse into his life outside of Yellowstone. Additionally

Cole recently uploaded another family photo on social media, making this one of two recent ones. 

He exchanged his cowboy attire for a tropical one in November 2022 while on a romantic getaway with his 16-year-old wife, which Cynthia captured.