‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Losing It After Seeing a New Beth-Rip Clip on Instagram

This story contains slight spoilers from Yellowstone season 5.

Even though Yellowstone season 5's midseason finale only aired a few weeks ago, the Paramount Network drama has no trouble making viewers long for a beloved couple over a break.

When the show recently shared a notable clip from the most recent season on their official Instagram account, fans flipped out

People observed Beth (Kelly Reilly) experience a range of feelings toward her husband Rip (Cole Hauser), who was getting ready to go for a gathering, in the brief video. 

The ranch worker dropped what he was doing and spoke passionately after seeing right through her.

In the excerpt, he refers to Beth as his "love of my life." "I doubt that I could endure two days by myself. 

God also knows that you detest being told what to do, as well as horses, animals, filth, and the cold. All of which will take place the next day

But would you think about coming and save me the agony of being alone?"

People were obviously moved by this interaction between Rip and his childhood girlfriend. 

Fans of Yellowstone expressed how much they enjoyed seeing the character express his feelings for Beth in the comments area of the episode.


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