'Yellowstone' Fans Say Their “Patience Is Wearing Thin” After Seeing Rip in New Instagram

With all the whispers surrounding Kevin Costner potentially leaving Yellowstone, fans keep questioning the status of when new episodes will drop

It also looks like a moment from the show echoes their sentiments, and it comes from none other than Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) himself.

The ranch hand isn't happy to be at the bar his wife Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) forced him to go to in order to celebrate a recent business transaction

according to a March 7 photo sent to the Instagram account for the Paramount Network series. Rip is clearly having a good time, yet she seems to desire to be somewhere else.

"I got about a half hour left in me of this s—-," he comments to a fellow cowboy while seated in the drinking establishment. Patience running thin. #YellowstoneTV, the caption said.

Some may have remembered this scenario occurring just before Rip saved Beth from a bar brawl, but they failed to mention it in the comments. Instead,

Rip speaking for the fans … " one person wrote on Instagram. "My thoughts about them taking a long break in the middle of the season wtf?" a different user agreed

My patience wearing thin waiting for season 5 to come out on Peacock or Paramount Plus," another follower chimed in.


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