Yellowstone Horror Devastating Preview Hints at [Spoiler]’s Death

The latest Yellowstone trailer features ominous undertones and downright alarming snippets from episode six that make it clear something goes seriously wrong on the two-night 

What leads us to believe that Kayce is in danger? In the trailer, we catch a brief glimpse of John consoling Tate or another of the little boys.

It's obvious that something dreadful happened. When Beth arrives on the scene in her horse and carriage, she instantly takes off her hat upon seeing the sad person.

When you put it together with Monica's voiceover saying, "When we say we give everything to the land, we mean everything," Kayce is the obvious candidate.

When his oldest son passed away at the start of the series, he acted with his customary cool composure.

But would they really take Monica’s husband, Tate’s dad, (and one of the lead characters), so soon after losing the baby

The stoic ranch owner may be shielding the upset young man from the sight of a grisly accident that’s befallen someone in the group