‘Yellowstone’: Kylie Rogers Says Her Version Is Now ‘on the Road to Becoming Beth’

This season of Yellowstone, we're getting a deeper peek into the Duttons' past than ever before. 

Numerous flashbacks feature younger iterations of John (Josh Lucas), Beth (Kylie Rogers), and Rip (Kyle Red Silverstein).

Before the midseason break—the Paramount Network drama returns in the summer—we last saw flashbacks, Beth and Rip's relationship was undoubtedly difficult

Oh, and Rip accepted the brand as a result of accidently killing Rowdy (Kai Caster)

Kylie Rogers: The flashback storyline's prominence in Season 5 came as a bit of a surprise, and it was really interesting to learn about since in previous seasons, Beth had been a younger girl.

She's clearly moving in the direction of becoming the older Beth that we see now—a little more hardened, jaded, wary around people, and kind of more badass. 

Even though we don't really see this part of her very much anymore, it's fascinating to see this side of her since she still seems terrified and somewhat innocent

But she's unquestionably headed toward becoming Beth.


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