‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Dawn Olivieri Says Sarah Atwood’s Plan for the Duttons Is a ‘Slow Burn’

Sarah Atwood has been gradually entangling Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone Season 5. 

Although Sarah is undoubtedly a cunning and formidable force, she hasn't communicated with the Duttons other than Jamie in recent episodes.

Dawn Olivieri tells supporters that she will soon be pursuing Beth and John, though.

Sarah Atwood is portrayed by Dawn Olivieri in Yellowstone Season 5. Sarah receives a call from Market Equities CEO Caroline Werner following John's election as governor. 

Caroline vowed to destroy the Duttons in the previous season, and Sarah is her best weapon.

Sarah recognises Jamie Dutton as a potential familial connection with a wink right away. The two start a sexual relationship when Jamie accepts their invitation to supper.

Dawn Olivieri assures ‘Yellowstone’ fans that Sarah’s attack on the Duttons is coming 

The last few episodes of Yellowstone have shown glimpses of Sarah meticulously plotting her attack. Rather than attacking the Duttons directly, Sarah is slowly sinking her hooks in Jamie. 

She even convinces Jamie that he should try to replace John as governor.

By suggesting John’s impeachment, Sarah does a great job of tapping into what’s really going on inside [Jamie],” Wes Bentley said in a video from Paramount

We haven’t seen it before in Jamie. We haven’t seen somebody who is actually going, ‘No, no, no. You can do this

Go crush him. I’ll get what I want, and you’ll get what you want, and we can be together,'” director Stephen Kay added.


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