Yellowstone Season 5 Delay Reportedly Possible After Behind-The-Scenes Drama

The latest behind-the-scenes controversy may cause Yellowstone season 5's second half to be delayed

After wrapping up the first segment of Season 5 in January 2023, which left Beth and John trying to decide what to do with Jamie, the season is currently on hiatus. 

Yellowstone's future has recently been called into question after a string of recent changes. Season 5 part 2 was initially anticipated to debut sometime in mid-2023

It was rumored earlier this month that Costner wanted to spend less time filming in order to focus on other television commitments

which led to speculation that Yellowstone will cease after season 5.

According to reports, there are plans to continue the franchise with more shows that might feature Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey in a leading role.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned from sources that Yellowstone season 5's remaining episodes may not be filmed as planned as a result of the turbulence occurring behind the scenes. 

It's unclear how this would impact part 2's anticipated summer 2023 return.

As a result of Costner's alleged exit from Yellowstone, there have been rumors that season 5 will be the final one for the show

It seems improbable that the actor, who serves as one of the show's key draws, will be replaced by McConaughey or any other actor for the remaining episodes

Sheridan might murder John in Yellowstone or stop the program after season 5 if Costner decides to leave the series to go on his new American Civil War passion project, Horizon.

Sheridan previously stated that he has the end of Yellowstone planned. It is unknown if he expected the series' conclusion to come this soon