‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Episode 7 Hints How Jimmy May Return

Yellowstone Season 5 has yet to feature Jimmy Hurdstrom

The lovable ranch hand relocated to Texas to work at the Four Sixes Ranch, where he eventually developed into a true cowboy. 

Jimmy got engaged to Emily after falling in love there. Jefferson White is supposed to reprise his role as Jimmy at some time in season 5, although he hasn't yet appeared

But in episode 7, a plotline that might bring Jimmy back to the programme was alluded to.

There Jimmy met Emily, the love of his life, and showed that he could handle the cowboy lifestyle

Jimmy went back to Yellowstone to carry on paying John's debt. 

Jimmy went back to Texas and the Four Sixes to be with Emily after John reassured him that they were on the same side of the deal.

On Sunday, December 18, Yellowstone Season 5's episode 7 was published, but fans are still waiting to see Jimmy

. But a fresh plot might illuminate Jimmy's appearance in upcoming episodes.

When John learns that several of his cows may have brucellosis, it poses a serious concern for the ranch. 

John requests to lease land at none other than the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas as Rip gathers a team to move south

Jimmy might now enter the narrative at this point. Yellowstone may divide the remaining portion of the season into two parts


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