Yellowstone season 5 episode 7 title talk: ‘The Dream Is Not Me

This weekend, Yellowstone season 5 episode 7 will air on Paramount Network, and nothing about it will be routine. 

Everything will pick up since this is the last episode before the break is taken

There's a possibility for a cliffhanger, and we definitely believe that Jamie Dutton and Sarah Atwood may be involved in a scheme to gain more authority for themselves

Oh, that's how it seems, at the very least. Is there a possibility that Taylor Sheridan is confusing us? We wouldn't be wholly surprised.

This may be said to a love partner based on the people and problems we've seen so far this season.

Or, we could see John saying it to someone, reminding them that their pursuits aren’t quite the same as his own

In general, we just have a gut feeling that Yellowstone season 5 will continue to provide us with amazing content. 

A handful of the episodes thus far have seemed to move slowly,

but we have a tendency to believe that this is just them trying to make sure that the last scene has a dramatic payoff and something that is really justified based on the journey so far.


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