Yellowstone season 5 episode 8 spoilers: More flashbacks ahead

Since Yellowstone season 5 episode 8 is the final one before a break, we already know it will be a big episode

We already know that the Dutton family's situation was perilous as episode 7 ended

so we can only assume that things will become even messier and more dramatic now that Jamie is working to have his father impeached

We can affirm that there is a lot of turbulence going on in the past in addition to all the drama that is occurring right now

There will likely be some drama on both of these fronts.

After episode eight, I'm not sure how often I'll return. I have high hopes. I believe no one is aware of how much I enjoy producing the show

. I believe Taylor is the only one responsible. According to what I understand, Taylor travels down the road before stopping to write

Taylor has stated to me that he wants to fill in the blanks regarding John Dutton's identity and the reasons for his actions, and I am aware of this

Although I believe it has been inside of him for a while, I also believe it is now spilling out of him. This is a unique vision, in my opinion.

Of course, you could counter that right now, just about every facet of the show's future is completely unknown.


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