Yellowstone season 5 episode 8: The likely cliffhanger

As so many of you are most likely aware at this point, Yellowstone season 5 episode 8 is set to arrive this weekend on Paramount Network

Due to the Christmas holiday, there was no installment last night.

What can be said about the upcoming narrative? Given the issues that surround John Dutton from every angle, the stakes have never been higher for him

Before even discussing the wolf issue occurring below ground or the condition of his livestock

which he must move elsewhere with the aid of the bunkhouse, he has to worry about Jamie and Sarah Atwood's attempts to remove him as governor.

? We believe that the most likely outcome in this situation is that John's position as governor is actually in jeopardy, which also threatens the survival of the ranch.

Taylor Sheridan might potentially endanger a character's life, but given the significant cliffhanger from the season 3 finale, we ponder whether he would

The majority of authors prefer to develop a few different exciting settings rather than repeating themselves. 

since they’d like to create a few other intriguing scenarios instead

The ranch is a character itself, so putting it in a certain degree of danger absolutely makes for compelling entertainment in its own way.

Technically, there is no 100% guarantee that we’re going to get a cliffhanger at the end of this … but we’d be honestly surprised if there isn’t

This is the sort of show that loves and embraces this sort of thing much of the time!


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