Yellowstone season 5 episode 9 return date: A Kevin Costner saga

We've been informed that Yellowstone season 5 episode 9 will air on Paramount Network this summer, although that information is still unknown

Just consider what is going on right now behind the scenes a lot, after all!

Last week, it was shockingly revealed that the show's future may be in peril due to the star Kevin Costner, 

who may want to work fewer days if he decides to continue playing John Dutton

We are aware of the fact that he is very busy, including a project called Horizon that he shot last fall, which may be the reason for his very packed schedule.

We have witnessed Kevin make his first public comment after the news broke during the previous 24 hours. But he completely avoided talking about his role in the show's future in this.

Although the majority of the comments are from fans pleading with him to continue on the show, he doesn't talk much about the show itself

It doesn't lessen how worrying the situation is; we do believe there is a potential that things will be resolved for the remainder of season 5, but beyond that, things may become even murkier.

Our current hope is straightforward: over the next weeks, more information will be released on this subject, and we can start seeing things move ahead on all fronts

Don't we deserve some more closure with that? After all, the conclusion of episode 8 laid the ground for a significant conflict with Jamie on one side and Beth on the other.


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