Yellowstone season 5 episode 9 return date: The network’s plan

We don't exactly believe that the desire for a release date for Yellowstone season 5 episode 9 is a secret

Why would you not? Given that this show has a devoted following and is incredibly successful, it would be wonderful to learn more about its future as soon as possible.

They did make it obvious that there would be a considerable wait from the moment the final episode aired on Paramount Network on January 1; to be exact, we'll have to wait until the summer. 

They haven't kept us in the dark, implying that they have a bigger game in mind. Of course, the real question here is what that plan is

If you have routinely watched Yellowstone over the years, you are probably aware of how aggressively the network promotes the program

Throughout the year, it is the subject of many marathons, and even when they are not taking place, repeats continue to take place

It is ironic that Yellowstone does not stream on Paramount+ but is available on Peacock because this is the program that made the network famous.

In our opinion, Paramount Network should put its current attention on finishing the remaining episodes of Yellowstone season 5 while giving the cast and crew time to perform their magic

The program will still be repeated, but that's about it. All of that will probably change in the spring, when we may anticipate: 1) a confirmed launch date, 2) some teasers, and 3)

That might indicate an official renewal for season 6 or other information on the eagerly anticipated 6666 spin-off program.

Rest assured, though, that the network is not going to be forgetting about Kevin Costner at any point in the near future.

Yellowstone could end up being the focus of everything they do for quite some time


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