Yellowstone season 5 episode 9 return date: The summer months

We are aware that fans will have to wait a while before Yellowstone season 5 episode 9 airs again

When you consider where things are at the moment, it is challenging to think otherwise

We eagerly await additional filming information, but we don't anticipate Paramount Network providing any more information until the process is nearly complete.

June — In a technical sense, summer doesn't officially start until later in the month, but TV executives don't usually think in that manner! Because of this

we wouldn't be totally surprised if the show does air in the middle of the month. It might not, but only if it isn't ready yet, which is definitely a possibility.

The most likely timeframe is in July since there is a probability that Paramount will own the month and because the episodes should be finished by then. 

August – We’d say that there’s a faint chance of this. The only reason we could see it happening is in the event the post-production takes this long.

September – Almost no chance at all here. It’s important to remember that most TV execs tend to refer to the whole month as fall, anyway.


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