Yellowstone season 5 episode 9: Why is Yellowstone's return delayed?

Yellowstone season five episode eight saw Beth and Jamie Dutton at loggerheads yet again but why is the drama not returning this week?

The conflict between two of John Dutton's children has intensified in Yellowstone season five as his (Kevin Costner's) political career has risen. 

As a result, given how Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Jamie Dutton (Wes Bently) ended A Knife and No Coin, viewers are curious to learn what happens next.

The eighth episode of Yellowstone, season five, premiered on Paramount+ on January 1 in the United States and the next day in the United Kingdom.

Following some of the episode's concluding scenes, viewers are prepared for a full-on Beth and Jamie fight.

Sadly, episode nine won't be airing on the streaming service this week on Sunday, January 8, as expected.

First of all, the delay of Yellowstone's latest episode is down to episode eight serving as the show's midseason finale.

This typically means that in order to extend the schedule of the series, the Western drama takes a break from the streamer for a few weeks.

The Summer Higgins star Piper Perabo noted that the cast hasn't yet begun filming episode nine, so the wait may be longer than usual.

Therefore, the break might make viewers wait a few more months to see what occurs next.

"I only personally know what transpires up to the midseason finale's very last second, and I have no idea what will transpire when we return...

The seventh episode finishes with him practising the speech, not at the fair, which I believe indicates that things are really going south.