Yellowstone Season 5 Part 1: How and where to watch the final season of Kevin Costner’s show

Paramount Network’s popular show, Yellowstone’s latest season, has premiered on the Peacock app (owned by NBC) in the US market

Yellowstone Season 5 is available on Peacock starting May 25, 2023.

As per media reports, only the first half of Season 5 will be streaming on Peacock, which already has a bank of Seasons 1 to 4 of the show

The channel is not yet telecasting the second half either, which may be available in November 2023

Viewers were not sure if the final season of Yellowstone would come together, as there was a conflict between Costner and the show’s creator Taylor Sheridan.

The Peacock app subscription charges range from US$4.99/month to US$9.99 option. 

You can take the high-end plan for an ad-free experience or the yearly plan for US $49.99, saving on two monthly subscription fees.