Yellowstone set to end after Season 5 amid Kevin Costner “friction”

 filming on Taylor Sheridan's popular western series' fifth season was postponed because of scheduling conflicts with Kevin Costner, who portrays patriarch John Dutton in the lead role.

 rumors surfaced that Matthew McConaughey might succeed the actor, but it has since been reported that the True Detective actor will instead be the executive producer of his own spin-off series. 

Whatever the case may be, many are worried that Season 5 Part 2 may never air - and whether Yellowstone will continue after the most recent episode

And if the most recent report is to be believed, things do not appear to be looking bright for the Dutton family of today. 

According to Paramount Plus insiders who spoke to the New York Post, there has been "friction" with Costner and Yellowstone will cease after Season 5 Part 2.

"Well-placed production source": "It's the same as with any showrunner and big star - there's respect, but there's friction."

Another person said that Costner and Sheridan have a "ego" problem, and it's not always one-sided. "Taylor is the star of his show," they said. He is the focal point of each of his shows.