'Yellowstone' Star Cole Hauser Reveals How He Keeps the Spark Alive With Wife Cynthia Daniel

The actor is undeniable. Yellowstone has evolved to include Rip Wheeler as portrayed by Cole Hauser. 

He's become well-known thanks to his work on the popular Paramount Network series, but he's been in movies like Dazed and Confused and Good Will Hunting for a long time

He can rely on his wife of 16 years, actress Cynthia Daniel, for support as his career advances.

Despite the fact that little is known about how they met, they both share a love of performing

Cynthia and her identical sister Brittany gained notoriety in the middle of the 1990s for their roles as Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield in the television series Sweet Valley High.

She made cameos in the sitcom That '80s Show and the 1995 movie The Basketball Diaries, but she eventually left the business in 2002 to pursue a career as a professional photographer.

The pair met and fell in love during this time. Cynthia enjoys sharing flashbacks to the beginning of their romance, despite the two preferring to keep their marriage secret.

Cole and Cynthia soon after becoming parents. Ryland, their first child and the first of their three, was born in 2004.

The couple eventually cemented their love by getting married on December 22, 2006