Yellowstone star fuels John Dutton death theory as concerns grow over Kevin Costner future

Kevin Costner's future on the hit Paramount series has hit headlines in recent weeks as reports suggest season five could be the end of Taylor Sheridan's award-winning drama.

Because of his portrayal of the Dutton patriarch and the compelling storytelling of showrunner Sheridan, 

Costner's John Dutton has played a crucial role in making Yellowstone one of Paramount's most popular programmes ever

Fans are speculating whether John could meet his end in season five at the hands of adoptive son-turned-political foe Jamie Dutton in light of rumours 

claiming Matthew McConaughey could be ready to replace Costner's vacuum if he departs the Yellowstone universe (Wes Bentley).

Jamie has attempted to remove John from office with Sarah Atwood (Dawn Olivieri) in his ear and has even revealed to Beth his father's murderous "train station" (Kelly Reilly).

According to Sarah, Jamie is now considering killing John after Beth attacked him; it's safe to assume that John is also thinking about taking a similar step to put an end to Jamie's shenanigans.

Given that it appears at least one Dutton will die when season five resumes and Costner's alleged scheduling issues, actor Bentley has hinted that John might be the one that is eliminated.