Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Teases Beth’s Cowgirl Adventure and Future with Rip

Kelly Reilly is back as John Dutton’s daughter Beth in Season 5 of ‘Yellowstone’!

“Extra’s” Melvin Robert teases a cowgirl adventure for Beth in his conversation with Kelly about what lies ahead for her and her new ranch hand husband Rip.

Beth and Rip were wed in the Season 4 finale. But do they experience a happy ending? I don't know if they will be happy for as long as they are alive, she replied.

"Later down in the season, Beth goes on one of the big rides to collect the cattle and she becomes a cowgirl for a few days and she loves it," Kelly teased in a spoiler-filled statement.

Because you see Beth so frequently working and fighting in a suit, Kelly said, "I enjoyed portraying that aspect of Beth."

Reilly hinted that Beth’s cowgirl adventure “maybe a hint of what’s to come in the future if there were to be a happily ever after.”

Kelly also discussed a scene in which she "couldn't believe" Beth's actions, saying, "I had to really try and understand why she would do that. 

It was extreme for Beth. I believe that most of her actions are motivated by a desire to keep her father safe.

Kelly acknowledged that she feels insecure while watching episodes after Melvin praised Kelly's portrayal of Beth.

When Melvin praised Kelly’s portrayal of Beth, she admitted that she’s gets insecure watching episodes

She explained, “She’s such a force of nature… she can be so extreme that sometimes it’s hard to watch. I’m so different personally than her.

There are definitely episodes in the past where I’ve just gone, ‘Oh, my God.’ I just acted out of insecurity, but I’m also deeply proud of the work.”


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