Yellowstone Star Kelly Reilly Went To Great Lengths To Nail Beth's Accent

In the first four seasons of "Yellowstone," there has essentially been a never-ending stream of tough-talking characters vying for the title of the baddest in Big Sky Country

Nearly none of the tough cowboys, greedy land developers, or double-dealing politicians among them have been able to subdue the tenacious Beth Dutton until this point

It's not like they haven't tried; nearly every episode features a different adversary trying to subdue the feisty Dutton femme at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

However, Beth never ceases to outsmart, outmanoeuvre, or outtalk her opponents. Most "Yellowstone" enthusiasts can attest to this,

The sarcastic Dutton is a master at outsmarting her adversaries

She has repeatedly vented soul-destroying rants on everybody who stands in the way of her aims during the duration of the series, even including her own family

Even if the "Yellowstone" fandom enjoys hearing Beth utter all of those vicious jabs and condemning words

In reality, Kelly Reilly asserts that a great deal of effort is expended to make Beth Dutton's speech sound authentically regional to Montana.

Kelly Reilly admitted as much during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly