'Yellowstone' Star Luke Grimes Reveals What Kevin Costner Is Really Like Behind the Scenes

Luke Grimes is opening up about working with co-star and renowned actor, producer, and film director Kevin Costner after four years of co-starring in Yellowstone.

Considering that he plays the son of Kevin's character, John Dutton, on the Paramount Network cowboy drama

the 38-year-old actor has spent a lot of time on-screen with Kevin throughout the show's five seasons

However, it appears that the two characters' unique friendship extends beyond television.

Luke recently talked about spending time on set with the 67-year-old Field of Dreams and Dances with Wolves actor in an interview with the New York Post, 

who he brought to the Yellowstone set, along with the show's creator, Taylor Sheridan. Additionally, his mother Angie joined

Luke told the magazine, "I took [my dad] to the set a couple of times, and he and my mom got to meet Kevin and Taylor.