‘Yellowstone’ Star Luke Grimes Says Season 5 Is Where ‘Everything Starts to Get Tied Together’ (Video)

Fans of the Paramount Network drama "Yellowstone" seeking resolutions to important questions will be pleased with Season 5's surprises, according to star Luke Grimes

. Even though the season is just halfway through broadcasting, Kayce Dutton's actor, Grimes, told TheWrap that he believes this season will be a turning point for the programme, 

This, in my opinion, really moves things along. My impression is that Season 5 really pushes the plot in a manner where you think, "Okay, it's all about to happen now. Grimes spoke with TheWrap.

 showrunner Taylor Sheridan for continuing to provide different perspectives for Rip when TheWrap questioned him about the changes in Season 5 for his character.

Hauser remarked, "It's been a very wild, cool adventure from Year 1 to today. 

I believe Taylor has done a fantastic job writing the multiple colours of the character and letting the viewer to see different layers of who he is as a person

Gil Birmingham, who plays Chief Thomas Rainwater, told TheWrap that John Dutton's (Kevin Costner) election as governor is what propels Rainwater's narrative in Season 5.

Within his inner circle, he will face a more difficult antagonistic struggle because of the shifting and deteriorating framework that Market Equities helped him build at the end of Season 4.

While “Yellowstone” has not yet been renewed for Season 6, Sheridan is busy expanding the franchise with upcoming prequel series “1923”

starring Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford as the Dutton forefathers, and the popularity of the flagship series almost probably implies there will be more "Yellowstone" to come.

Watch the video above to see Birmingham, Hauser, and Grimes discuss the upcoming season.

Sunday nights on Paramount Network, brand-new episodes of "Yellowstone" Season 5 are broadcast.


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