'Yellowstone's Dutton Women Are the Real Power Behind the Ranch

Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Yellowstone Season 5's second installment now that the first season of 1923 has come to an end

The Dutton family's fight to protect their ancestral land by any means will have been witnessed by three complete generations by the time viewers return to the ranch

We have witnessed their unwavering tenacity and resolve when it comes to defending their people from outside aggressors, but who is the true mastermind behind the operation

The dominant patriarch of the generation has guided Yellowstone throughout the course of three successful shows: John (Kevin Costner), James (Tim McGraw), and Jacob. (Harrison Ford). 

The franchise has highlighted the parallels between these guys because they represent the stereotypical rancher: gloomy, wise, and always doing the right thing.

But is it really because of these individuals that the Yellowstone Ranch has survived for so long? Even while they are all unquestionably strong individuals

there is a woman working just as hard, if not harder, than each Dutton man but receiving little to no recognition